• Social Media

    Why Does Your Social Media Need Engagement Posts?

    As I have been talking to churches and completing Online Wellness Evaluations, some of the most common feedback I give is this: start using engagement posts. These are your polls, your fill-in-the-blanks, your Coke-or-Pepsi questions. But why are these important? As a church, shouldn’t our primary focus be on the scripture and getting people in our door? The answer is yes, and also no. Yes, your primary focus as a church should be on scripture. Social media is one of the most effective ways to get people to actually come through your doors. Those things are both true. The issue here is in the way social media works in general.…

  • Online Wellness

    What is an Online Wellness Evaluation?

    In 2019, I am offering a¬†free service to churches and pastors all over the country. It’s called an Online Wellness Evaluation. But what does that mean? You give me the basics about your church (name, location, website, etc) and I will evaluate your presence online based on a 45 point metric. I will look at everything from quality to effectiveness across all your email, website, social media, and Google searchability. I will make detailed comments about each facet so you can get an objective look at your virtual footprint. I will take all of this information, and in a quick, 30-minute phone call, I will give you my notes, suggestions,…

  • Services

    Why Would I Outsource Tasks I Can do Myself?

    I hear you: why would I pay someone to do the things I’m already doing for free? And it’s true, you could keep doing it all yourself. Or you could keep having your volunteer take care of it. I think it’s always best to hire a specialist when you can, and here are a few reasons I feel that way. 1. You’re busy. This goes without saying, but you (or your staff pastor or volunteer) very likely did not get into the ministry with the specific goal of running a Facebook page or sending emails. Sure, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to “go therefore…” but you’d rather be…

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    “Kayla is always extremely professional – she is very conscientious of our timeline and often runs ahead of schedule. She’s careful to prioritize our budget and is very knowledgeable about the complexities of social media and what works for a church. She’s ministry minded which is a huge plus. On top of all of that, she is a very gifted communicator. I highly recommend her.” – Pastor Kevin, The Sanctuary of Moss Bluff